Sunday, July 13, 2014


Am I theater geek? Not really. I love theater, Broadway, musicals, plays. But am I a fanatic who memorizes every lyric, every show? Not really.

It was maybe easier when we were growing up - there seemed to be only the real classics to listen to over and over and seriously memorize (Here a little dip, there a little tuck...). But now that I'm older, I'm all too aware of the breathtaking shows that premiere every year, some never to become global hits.

I've caught some of those -- Behanding, Fela, Race come to mind. They'll never be the Wicked, Rent, or Les Miz, but they hold a place in my heart. They've shown me a new point of view, told me a new story, gotten me to consider something else. I've laughed, cringed, not understood, gotten excited about the student ID that gets me discounted tickets, waited in line for autographs, almost died when my Broadway and sceen idols are suddenly standing right in front of me, shamelessly ask for autographs and photos.

Over the years I've come to appreciate the smaller shows more and more. I saw Billy Elliot and was a little grossed out by how commerical it was vs the source material. The kind of show that pulls in the crowds, sure, but no longer my cup of tea. American Idiot was a gorgeous spectacle but rebellious teens, sex, drugs and rock and roll... meh. I liked Wicked the book better than the musical, and if those shows will keep my smaller shows on I'm happy they're there.

There's too much to see, so much I've missed. I watch the Tony's every year, cataloguing shows I'd like to see even if, all the way in Manila, I'll probably miss! (Oh, Starcatcher.) But every two years or so I've gotten to go back and get my fill. If my plans work out I'll get another round this year and I. can't. wait.

In the meantime, while I have a little bit of non-work time, I want to go back to the Playbills I've collected, mostly on Broadway and a couple across the pond, to work up my apetite for my theater season 2014.

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