All the theater I've seen and loved/hated.

I've loved musicals since I was a kid. I was one of those weirdos who memorized most of Les Miz, Miss Saigon and Phantom of the Opera. My mom would take us to different Rep productions and I loved getting dressed up for the the-a-ter. I remember seeing Rent for the first time in high school and it reignited my musical love. When I was older and able to spend time in New York I started watching shows and collecting Playbills. I discovered the art of the play with my first non-musical show, Red. Theater remains a passion wherever I travel and if there's time and a good show I'll get tickets.

But that's me on vacation mode. I a few, not nearly enough, of the local productions. Maybe because productions are still too inconsistent. I find that local theater soars, but often crashes and burns in the first opening bars that are sung off key. I hate that, especially when it's a piece that has potential, or worse that I love and know extremely well. I think we can do old school and over-the-top really well, but I don't think we've found our groove yet when it comes to more subtle, contemporary work. But it's fantastic that there are so many theater companies and productions. I dream that we'll be able to find our own unique expression that feels organic, authentic and vocally glorious. I dream that more people will support theater and that it will become a lucrative, creative, genius local industry.

So this blog will capture the shows I've seen and probably reveal a lot of my biases about foreign productions that give me an unfortunately harsh lens when it comes to local work. But I'm a fan at heart, looking for good productions, music and acting to cheer on.

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