Monday, August 18, 2014

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

A family friend was taking me around NY the last time I was there and he and his partner had been dying to see Ms. Johansson back on Broadway. They were also gushing about a scene where leading man Benjamin Walker wears only a towel. All in all, Tennessee Williams isn't my usual cup of tea but I didn't mind the idea of seeing either of those things in person.

I didn't have any strong feelings about the show, good or bad. As I said, just not my cup of tea. Scarlett was good and I enjoyed seeing Ciaran Hinds live. Hi, Julis Caesar / Mance Rayder! The plot was of course interesting but for some reason it didn't grab me. The sets were gorgeous, bright, airy and lush despite being humid and Southern. All good.

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