Monday, August 18, 2014

The Heiress

Matthew Crawley!!!! + 100000 points

Another fine play. When Dan Stevens walked out all the girls gasped and started clapping, yes, of course, including me. At the intermission the ladies in the row behind me were speculating about whether he was still on the show (they hadn't shown his - Spoiler! - death yet in America) and I couldn't resist turning around and shaking my head. One lady said I'd just given them a spoiler to which I replied that if I hadn't watched ahead I would have been spoiled by their mention of - Spoiler! - Sybil's death. They apologized and I apologized and we all started laughing and promptly shut up because the second act was about to start! Hi again Matthew!

It was February and freezing; New York was in fact going to be hit by a blizzard in a couple of days. But I sped out of my seat and to the theater door line. It's so awkward to be there by yourself because who is supposed to take your photo?? Sure, you have the front-facing selfie camera on your phone but the resolution is never good. I've been beside girls before who flat out say they're too busy to take my photo with X celebrity but guys oblige. And the lovely man beside me, begrudgingly maybe, obliged. Dan out the theater door and was in front of me -- I came to watch you all the way from Manila!, I gushed. A slight exaggeration, sure, but he flashed me a gorgeous smile and I handed my phone to the contracted-guy-next-to-me for the photo. Except, damn! It was on camera! Omg, I'm so sorry Matthew Crawley! I told him to move on to the next person while I fixed the setting (ughhhh jahe) but reminded him to come back to me! And he did. Haha what a guy.

Oh the play! Yes, it was alright. Jessica was charming and I liked that the source material, despite being written in 1947!, didn't stand for his gold digging. Charming night at the theater.

Bye then, Matthew.

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