Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Smash: Under Pressure

I loved this scene from Smash, Season 2. There's nobody else around, and it has a backstage vibe to it. I also love this song and I'm a sucker for scenes that get the whole cast together. They're walking around the Broadway streets early in the morning as they head to the theater for the Tony's.

Walking around in that row of streets between Times Square and Hell's Kitchen is so electrifying, theater after theater, posters and actors' names on marquees. That there are dozens of amazing shows you could walk into on any week night is one of the reasons I love New York.

Smash was by no means an amazing show but I was always drawn to it because of the peek it gives into the creative processes of writing, casting and producing a show. I love that they cast so many real theater performers, including my favorite Will Chase!. I never got to see Jeremy Jordan in Newsies but I got to meet him in Smash. I super hate his character but love his voice, and I absolutely can't wait to see him in Last 5 Years. I'd love to see Megan Hilty live, she's such a bombshell. The show didn't make a McPheever fan out of me and she was probably my least favorite on the show; her voice is unfortunately also the thinnest compared to her formidable Broadway-trained co-stars. But that's ok, she gets the poppier tunes and I  a lot of them (especially hers and Jeremy's songs) are on loop on my iPod.

It was a delectable guilty  pleasure and with two full seasons it would make for fantastic binge watching. And when I want to see the beautiful theater streets again... cue video.

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